Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Seedy Saturday

Master Gardeners, Kitchener, CanadaSeedy Saturday 2013, Kitchener, CanadaI spent the morning of Saturday, February 23rd at Seedy Saturday in Kitchener ( The main focus of these events is a seed exchange. You collect seeds from your garden and bring them in to exchange with other gardeners. In Kitchener, Seedy Saturday is organized by the local Master Gardeners and is done informally. You leave your seeds on a table and pick from it any seed you want. There are also gardening lectures and several businesses offering mostly seeds and plants, but also gardening books or tools. Groups such as Seed of Diversity are also represented. These groups and the seed companies usually put some of their seeds on the exchange table.

For me, the greatest attraction is the people. Having been a member of this Master Gardener group for over 15 years, it is a yearly opportunity to meet with old friends. I also enjoy chatting with other gardeners about successes and failures and our experience growing some of the plant varieties offered. You can get some useful tips. This year, Mary-Anne Weiler (the lady in a white top on the right), who set up the Kitchener Master Gardener group many years ago, strongly recommended to me "Tricolor Carrots" from Renee's Garden which I made sure to buy. My best gardening friend, Gwynned Brundrett (with the blue top), who was giving a lecture, has been with the group ever since it was created.
As usual, I got quite a few packages of seeds. This year, there was a very good selection of heirloom tomatoes. I got several varieties which I want to try.

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  1. I really like the insight I am getting into gardening culture. Thanks Alain!


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