Friday, May 16, 2014

Forest Floor (2)

Three more pictures of the forest floor. Yesterday afternoon, driving in the rain along a wooded area in the neighborhood, we stopped and took pictures of Trillium grandiflorum covering the forest floor. As they age, these trilliums turn pink. However for now they are still all white. It is amazing they are still so abundant in places, as the white tail deer does find them tasty.


  1. My poor trilliums are all mud splattered from the heavy down pours of rain we have had most evening this past week. Your photo of the big patch of trilliums is lovely.

  2. The trillium are out here too, but it's hard to find places where they form a carpet in the woods.

  3. They are beautiful.
    I'm so glad to have the opportunity to se them in their natural environment, thank you.
    My little one planted last autumn has made one leaf, well as it is a trillium three :)
    Bonne journée

  4. What a lovely sight, so good to see them in their natural habitat, thanks for showing us!

  5. How amazing to see these gorgeous flowers growing in the wild. What a sight!

  6. Another lovely woodland scene.


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