Sunday, July 12, 2015

Red & White

I continue with my series on blooming by colors. In my last post I did the pinks. I decided this week to lump the reds and the whites together.  Here are some of the plants blooming red or white just now.

Rose Dortmund

Dortmund is so bright that you can see it from a long way away. Here is a close up of the bloom

Close-up of Dortmund

Papaver rhoeas started to bloom a week or two ago.
 The climber through which these poppies grow is our most attractive one, a species clematis - Clematis potaninii. It has invaded a white delphinium. It would be more noticeable, if the delphinium were blue.

Clematis potaninii through a 'Guardian White' delphinium

A close-up of Clematis potaninii

I got one bulb of this very red lily three years ago. I should divide it this fall, as it is getting rather large.
'Twin Red' lilly

The Madonna lilly (Lilium candidum) is probably the whitest of them all. I grew it from seed last year.

Madonna lilly

One of the most beautiful reds in the garden is that of Potentilla Gibson's Scarlet. I was surprised to hear from the  owner of a local nursery that it is not a popular plant (at least not in our area). She had not sold a single one this year.

Potentilla Gibson's Scarlet

Not being a particularly good photographer, colours  in my pictures often do not turn out as they really are. The potentilla above is much more vibrant and the Maltese Cross below looks rather orange in the photo whereas its flowers are really red.

Maltese Cross

Peony 'Leto' is now over, but I include it as it is such an attractive white flower.

This white penstemon below is unidentified. Perhaps some of you will know its name?

 Penstemon sp.

I conclude with a bulb I grew for the first time which has just finished blooming. It did last several weeks, and the foliage is rather attractive.

Hymenocallis - a summer bulb


  1. Your reds and whites are attractive! It looks like a very welcoming summer garden. :)

  2. I really like that potentilla. I'll have to add it this autumn.
    In the red box, I also like Geum 'Mrs Bradshaw...
    You red pictures are good, the substance and even the color is nearer than most pictures I've seen.

  3. Nice red and white flowers. That Clematis potanini is a beautiful one and looks great with the gorgeous white Delphiniums. I envy your Madonna lilies grown from seed......

  4. Nice photo's Alain, I have grown Clematis potaninii from seed a few years ago and I am very attracted to the simplicity of Rose 'Dortmund' the twin pillars are very effective.

  5. I've been choosing red and yellow plants for a new perennial bed and I think the potentilla would fit in well. Is it very vigorous?.

    1. At least in this garden it is just perfect - not too vigorous but no weakling. I can save you seeds if you want.

  6. I love that clematis!!! I've never seen it before. I wonder if it will grow here? I also have Maltese Cross. It's such a tough plant. :o)

  7. I know my local nursery has some of that Potentilla in stock as I saw it last week. Looking at your picture, I am now wondering if it would fit into the scheme in my front garden. I must look into that.
    I love the poppy and clematis combo, it's stunning Alain. That's not a combo I'd have chosen but they really do set each other off don't they?

  8. Ooh. some lovely pictures, I love the red rose climbing up the wooden arch and the spires of white delphiniums. We have Crocosmia Lucifer in flower here at the moment and that's set part of the border on fire!


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