Friday, January 8, 2016

The Stibbert garden

This Florence garden is a bit rundown. But, although it does not seem to have much of a maintenance budget, it is very attractive. The rundown look actually emphasizes its rather romantic appearance.

Frederick Stibbert (1838-1906) had an English father and a rich Italian mother. He was a great collector and made this garden just outside Florence with the help of Giuseppe Poggi.

Even in winter it has some beds in bloom.

It has the best clumps of Iris unguicularis we have ever seen. They must bloom better when they bake in the summer sun. We have seen them often in Victoria BC in December, but only a few blooms here and there (no baking sun). In the Stibbert garden, they are lush with hundreds of blooms.

On the house facade are hung a large number of coats of arms, part of Stibbert's collections.

The garden has a Greek and and Egyptian temples. Both quite attractive and from the 19th century. You can imagine Cleopatra coming out of the Egyptian temple on the right to step into a barge.

To end with, a terrace in the mist in front of the house and a grand staircase that takes you to that terrace and to the Stibbert Villa.


  1. That's a very elaborate garden. the guy made good use of his mother's money.

  2. If only my Iris unguicularis would flower like that! The garden is still beautiful, in spite of being rundown.

  3. You are right. This style of "romantic" garden can put up with neglect better than many.

  4. Yes, I agree it does look stunningly beautiful even though it isn't perfectly maintained. The garden edgings along the fence are beautiful.

  5. Such a fun garden. I love the Greek and Egyptian temples. It would be nice to have one of my own, but I don't think it would quite fit in.

  6. I love that Greek temple! What a fabulous place to spend an afternoon. :o)


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