Sunday, July 10, 2016

A Tale of Two Gardens

It  is not very common to have two keen gardeners living next door to each other, but it is even more unusual is to have these two gardeners share a garden!

This post is about two gardeners that have ignored the property line that separates their respective lots and created a single garden right over it.

Part of the shared garden

Pat and Gail each have a magnificent garden of their own next to their respective houses.

However, over the property line, they made a garden which is a joint undertaking.

They each take care of their own gardens and work in common on the shared garden.

Part of Gail's magnificent hosta garden
Pat's main flower bed, earlier in the season
 They also share a driveway.

This takes you to the two houses.

The shared garden is the first thing you see, straight ahead of you.

Below is the shared garden as seen from Pat's house.

The same garden as seen from  Gail's house.

Pat has a small vegetable/herb garden which is rabbit- and porcupine- proof. It includes a cold frame, the cover of which she had to leave open this late spring. It was that or killing this magnificent yellow lupine that got away on her.

On Gail's side, across from Pat's vegetable garden, is another bed with an arch between the house and the garage.

Pat contends that Gail has a green thumb. In fact they both are great gardeners - few gardens in the area are in the same league or can compete with either their shared or their respective gardens.

I end up with a collage of various plants in the two (three) gardens.


  1. Oh, how sweet! Both of their gardens look wonderful in their own right, but then the shared portion ... very nice!

  2. Great idea, great fun as neighbours have the same hobby. I love that shared garden.

  3. What a lovely idea, to share a garden with a neighbour, they must be really good friends.

  4. What a nice idea to have two friendly gardens and I liked the views if them Alain. I like your photo of the shared garden.
    Have a nice week!

  5. I love this idea. Wish I could move in next to the both of them.

  6. Hello Alain, this is definitely an occasion where the combined garden is much more than the sum of the two separate ones. I think this idea should catch-on more widely, as gardens and plots decrease in size or are sub-divided, having a larger communal patch can work our much better than isolated shoe-box gardens.

  7. Beautiful job, what a nice garden to visit.
    I love the yellow lupine, actually I love lupines in general, such a statement!

  8. Amazing what we humans can do when we work together. Beautiful gardens!

  9. Thank you Alain for featuring our gardens in your blog. Pat and I have been friends for over 46 years but the gardens are relatively new - just 14 years old. They have seen many changes - just like two old friends.

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  11. Beautiful gardens. Wonderful that it made sense to them to share their efforts.


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