Monday, July 18, 2016

Summer Peak

Many gardening bloggers are talking about the great abundance of plants in bloom in the garden at this time of the year.  Here are some of the plants that have been blooming here recently.

Since early June we have had a lot of sunshine, but not a lot of heat, and the nights have been actually cold. This cooler weather is, no doubt, the reason why a week ago we still had a few peonies!

The red climbing rose on the trellis at the back is Dortmund, the nearer pink one is Viking Queen. The first blooms profusely and always looks nice.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of Viking  Queen which does not bloom as much and has flowers so heavy that they hang down, which is not  attractive.

The bluish plant next to the white delphinium is Salvia sclarea turkestiana, a biennial.

On the arch shown below grows New Dawn, which is also a very good performer.

July is also lily month.
We have two drifts of regale Lilies, started from seed. They come readily from seed.

The small-flower clematis above is Arabella. It is herbaceous rather than climbing but here it grows with perennial sweet peas. 

They support each other on three sticks tied at the top.

The above is a native lily - Lilium michiganense. It does not grow like your usual garden lily. It makes runners, and new stems appear away from the original one. We now have 6 or 7 stems. They come up about a foot from each other.

Notice the frog in the lower left corner.

For the first time ever we were many weeks without a single frog. A consequence of having more than our share of snakes and not enough rain.

Golden marguerites (Anthemis tinctoria) and bergamot (Monarda sp.) straddling a low fence.

I end with two more roses - First Charles de Mills. A rose which was mislabeled, but  François at Un jardin à Pouzioux was kind enough to identify it for me.

Charles de Mills

And Nearly Wild, a lovey single.

Nearly Wild


  1. Your garden is stunning, so many beautiful flowers. I wish I could grow lilies like you, but we have the dreaded red lily beetle which devastates them, yours are fantastic and the perfume must be amazing!

  2. What a visual delight. You skipped right over your poppies, which were my dad's absolute favorite. When we moved in 1988 it was the hottest year on record for temps over ninety, and only one of his oriental poppies survived. We have planted it many places in the garden, but it is just puny. I left it; I fear digging it up would be fatal.

  3. You have a very beautiful garden with lots of bloom! And you're obviously good with roses.

  4. Beautiful photos of your lovely summer garden, I scrolled up and down and enjoyed!

  5. We had the opposite lots of rain and not much sunshine and then the last two days have been hot, hot, hot. We may have to start watering

  6. Your fencing is lovely. My peonies bloom in late May/early June, so I'm jealous that you still have some in July! Your roses are stunning!

  7. Your garden is enchanting - wonderful! I love your 'Dortmund' rose, and those lilies! 'Nearly Wild' sounds interesting, I am fond of single roses.

  8. Your summer gardens are delightful Alain. Our weather reads very similar thus far I think. Peonies just gone over here and roses only starting to look their best. I loved the tour. I am also admiring the colour you have chosen for your trellising - it really does compliment the plants.

  9. Hello Alain, your garden is flowering beautifully! I love the roses and how lush planting seems to just "erupt" from rocks. You make it look so effortless, it's simply amazing!


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