Saturday, July 15, 2017

Rainy Summer

I mentioned in a previous post that the summer had started rainy. Well, it still is rainy. A few drops are falling as I am writing this, and the day before yesterday a downpour lasted several hours.

Lilium michiganense - native to our area though rare in the wild and now included in Lilium canadense

I am not actually complaining, though it sounds like I am. A rainy summer means no need to water, and consequently a free hour or two every night that do not have to be given over to watering.

As I mentioned in that previous post, plants that have never grown or had not been seen for a few years have made an appearance with all this extra water.

The rill, which is usually about 50 cm below ground level, looked like this after the downpour two days ago.

The overflowing rill
Fortunately, when we do get sunny days, they tend to be hot and rather dry which helps. Many plants are enjoying this weather. All lettuces seem quite happy.

Parris Island lettuce (a variety from the 1940's)

On the whole, things are much more lush than they usually are.

A few things would prefer it dryer. This is the case with tomato plants, the foliage of some of which has started to turn yellow at the base. So far, the tomatoes themselves do not seem affected.


  1. Nice to see some broader pictures of your garden!

  2. Someone complained to me this weekend about what terrible weather we are having this summer. It's similar to yours but warmer. I just nodded in response and thought about how lush and green everything was and how much I was enjoying it all.
    I agree, the broader pictures are fantastic, it really looks nice this year.

    1. The rain follows a strange pattern this year. You are wet too and my parents, who live north of Maine, complain there is little rain and the city has imposed watering restrictions!

  3. We've had a rainy growing season so far, too. I was thinking it was all OK until the 60 mph winds came through and blew down several old Oaks in the neighborhood, including our neighbors' tree, which of course took out some of our trees on its way to the ground. We were lucky it didn't fall on a house or a person. We are just getting over several of those events, and it's nice to be in a calm spot. We have been warm, too, so the plants are very happy (except for the lettuce, which is wilted--not surprisingly). I love your rill. What a great concept!

  4. I wish some of your rain would head our way. We are doing more watering than we ever have and still things are struggling.

  5. ❤️ 😍😻 quand les jardins explosent de verdeur !

  6. Alain, your garden looks very pretty despite on the rainy weather. I liked your pink rose and monarda. What is this rose? Canadian? We have cold and rainy summer, that does not look summer, maybe late spring or early autumn. The plants grow and bloom but I have no idea how they do this.

  7. Hello Alain, the wet weather has made your garden very lush and full of flowers, though I daresay it would good to have a couple of weeks of warm weather so you can at least enjoy it!

  8. I love a rainy summer! We had quite a bit of rain this spring and I haven't had to water as much as usual this summer. Your garden looks beautiful!


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